Updated 28/10-16


Welcome to my trade list!

This is my list of ponies and accessories for trade/sale,
I live in Denmark, I am willing to ship overseas.
I will trade ponies for Daisy clothes, furniture etc. and for Breyer horses I like.

I have a very small pony
wish list.

Itemes without price is because I have not been able to find out the value, so make an offer.
Generation 1 ponies
Picture Name Condition
Baby Cotton Candy $3 Tail rust.
Tootsie Has some discoloration.
On Hold
Baby Surprise $5  
Italy Blossom $10 €9
Italy Bubbles Missing tail, mane is a mohawk.
Baby Cotton Candy $4 €4
Dainty Orange mark on side, and one on the other side too.
MGR Brilliant Blossoms. € 20
She is near mint.
Sportstime € 15
TAF Pillow Talk $10 €9
Baby Brother Sweet Celebrations $7 €6,5
Caramel Crunch $8 From my own collection. hair is frizzy, she has a small mark on her shoulder on ds covered by mane.
On Hold
Baby Graffiti
MLP box Colors has some fading due to age, but in great condition.
Italy Bubbles Mane and tail is severely cut.
Italy Lemon Drops Very nice, hair is soft and silky.
$10 €9
Italy Peachy $10 Very nice, hair is soft and silky.
On Hold
  Italy Peachy $5 Very nice, hair is soft and silky, but forelock has been cut. 
On Hold
Cool Breeze Hair is frizzy but soft. Body and symbl very nice.
Italy Lemon Drops.  
Mommy Meadowsweet.  
MGR Brilliant Blossoms. €20
She is near mint
Sweet Notes Near mint
Kissīn Tell   
  Baby Moondancer  She is in nice condition but rattles. 
  Kiss Curl  €7
Nice condition. 
  Nurse Sweet Heart  €14
She has a mark down her right hind leg, and a few faint greyish spots on the non display side.
  Baby Northstar  She is in very good condition.
  Twisty Tail  Alternate pose.
She is in great condition, tail still works.
  Italy Windy  Very nice condition. 
  Italy Bowtie  Very nice condition. 
Baby Fifi She has lost the paint on her tooth.
Baby Lickety Split Really nice, still has white tooth.
Dark spot on right front leg.
Gusty Body has yellowed, but other than that she is in really nice condition, hair is soft and silky.
Orange spot under left back hoof.
Lickety Split She is great, still has pink hair.
Has small rub to left eye.
Baby Cuddles Really nice.



Generation 2 ponies
Picture Name Condition
Night Star $40 MOC
Sweet Snowflake $60 MOC
Jewel and Sparkle $55 MOC
Dart and Dash $32 MOC
Princess Crystal  $35 MOC
Merry Moments $50 MOC
Lady Sky Skimmer and Princess Sweet Berry $35 MOC

Sweet Berry and Honey Berry $50 MOC



Other pony generations