Trade/sales list

Wish list


When my collection was at its highest, I had almost 300 ponies, but that is a long time ago now.

Currently I only have my faves left.

After I stopped collecting every single pony that I donīt have, I have decided to no longer show my ponies in the traditional way, by grouping them together by type or group names.
Instead I will show them in the way I used to play with them, because that is how I like to think about them :)
In my world MLP are still, after all, horses, so they live together in herds, with a stallion to lead them.
That also helsp explain why there are so few boy ponies, and where all the baby ponies comes from.........

Ice Crystal is the leader of the largest heard in ponyland.
His kindness and wisdom ensures that his large family is always safe, and gets enough to eat.
Yum Yum and Baby Ruby
Blueberry Baskets and Baby Pictures
TAF Dancing Butterflies   
Honeycomb and Baby Nightsong 
Starglow is very special to me, she is one of the last ponies I bought in the stores, and for a long time her place was next to my bed, where she glowed in the dark at night.
Princess Tiffany and Baby Diamond.
 Baby Diamond was a very lucky flea market find, esp. since I for a long long time was kicking myself for not buying her in the store, along with Baby Ruby and Baby Sapphire.
Curlylocks and the newborn twins  Nibbles and Dibbles.
Love Story and newborn Baby Yo-Yo. 
Bowtie and Baby Bowtie.
Bowtie has always been a favorite of mine.
Sweet Clover and newborn Baby Jangles. (Missing Tangles)
Bon Bon and newborn Baby Bouncy.
Patch and newborn Baby Star Gazer.
Bright Eyes and Baby School Bag and newborn Baby Snoozy.
Tex is one of those guys who always comes to your rescue, even if you donīt need it.
He means well, but sometimes he just gets caught up in what he is doing, and forgets why he is doing it.
Heart Throb and Baby Heart Throb.
Heart Throb is usually a very down to earth pony, except when she starts to day dream about Tex. 
Wind Whistler and Baby Sapphire.
Wind Whistler is the one who has to bring Heart Throb down from her pink clouds, and the one who has to remind Tex why he is doing things. 
Flutterbye and Baby Stella 
Tickle and Baby Norht Star.
Love Token and newborn Baby Tappy. 
Confetti and Baby Starbow.
Diamond Dreams and Baby Katie
Sunlight and Baby Ribbs.
Wig Wam  
Star Shine and Baby Bright Bow.
Sky Dancer and Baby  Explorer.
Surprise and Baby Surprise.
Lemon Drops and her 2 different Baby Lemon Drops.
Parasol and Baby Tiddly Winks.
Good weather and Baby Susie.
Snowflake and newborn Baby Sunset.
Love in a Mist and Baby Billy and newborn Baby Cuddles.
Love in a Mist was the first pony I bought for my collection.
Bonnie Bonnetts and newborn Baby Sticky. (Missing Sniffles)
  Baby Firefly
Moonstone and Baby Sunribbon.
Pinwheel and Baby Rain Ribbon.
Apple Jack  
Medley and Baby Bouncy.
Love Melody and Baby Shaggy.
Windy and newborn twins Sniffles and Snookums.
Lickety Split and Baby Lickety Split.
Star Flower and Baby Quackers.
Music Time and Baby Alphabet.
Satin īn Lace and Baby Cuddles.
Tootsie and Baby Clipper.


Butterscotch and Blue Belle
Snuzzle and I am still missing Minty  
Blossom and Baby Blossom
Cotton Candy and Baby Cotton Candy
Sundance and Baby Sundance.
TAF Sundance.
Bridal Beauty.  
Pony Bride.  
Kiss Curl  
  Baby Tic Tac Toe